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Electrical assemblies - our staff is qualified and authorized in every specialty, allowing us to provide the best service for every project

Low voltage

We provide low-voltage installations of all kinds. We think up and take charge of low-voltage projects. We have a broad experience with conventional installations. We offer global solutions to every client’s needs.

Baja tensión eléctrica
Instalaciones eléctricas, plano

Wiring diagram design

We have a specialized department that, along with our technical department engineers and the best design tools, can develop any diagram related to our projects.

Electric panel production

We produce electric panels with high-quality materials and the best brands, which always meet the most exigent requirements.

Instalaciones eléctricas, cuadro
Instalaciones eléctricas, operario

Preventive maintenance

Regular low voltage revisions. A determining factor is the installation’s preventive maintenance, performing thermographic inspections, device adjustments, electrical grids and diagrams checks…

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